What is The Voice Christian Magazine?

The Voice Christian Magazine was recently inspired by the Lord to be there promoting unity in the church when we begin to be aware of each another and share our views on our common faith, we thereby strengthen our presence in a way to make it more witnessing. Since we are one body (Ephesians 4:1-6), one spread community aiming at glorifying Christ by making him known, it is wise then to know ourselves and join hands in the task. That warm hand is what the Voice is extending and therefore seeks to present a faithful representation of the Christian faith in the Gambia, by producing thoughtful and encouraging discussions.

Inspired from the book of Nehemiah-the unity of various families in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem, we feel a strong desire to help Christians in the Gambia cooperate for the glory of God, and are hoping that through writing we can bring to the knowledge of everyone what is pertinent to our faith and brotherly existence.

This magazine is going to deal with various issues that affect our lives and generation, in the Gambia and all over the world. Our publication will involve a range of subjects like good citizenship, vibrant faith, prayer, salvation, love, finance, marriage, tradition, current world issues and all that is necessary to equipping the Christian making us ready for every good work.

We are not denomination oriented; rather we are preoccupied with upholding the reality that Christianity is no longer a faith of foreigners-colonial masters, but of Gambians too, because that’s what is supposed to be. We therefore intend to see Christians in the Gambia more identified as locals by their attitude and way of life in order to be better witnesses for Jesus Christ in their communities. Consequently we don’t reject our culture as Gambians, for we are convinced that even as God is not totally present in it, he is not totally absent as well. In the same way we will not throw away our various tribal traditions, rather we seek to put aside the practices that are Satanic and lift up what could be used to the service of our God so that our people can see that God is not far from them.

In all this we seek the glory of Christ praying that he will be revealed to all peoples of the Gambia for the advancement of the Kingdom of God before his appearing. To him be glory now and forever. Amen.


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